Read Safe Place Foundation success stories about how local men throughout the Cedar Rapids area found sobriety, support, and hope for a bright future.

“I truly believe Safe Place saved my son’s life and was an answer to my prayers. I am so grateful to Safe Place for giving me my son back!”

Cathy, Grateful Mother of a Former Safe Place Transition Resident

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“The staff at Safe Place not only opened up the doors to me, but they also gave me respect and support in all areas of my life. They told me things that I could do to be successful again.”

Brian, Former Safe Place Transition Resident

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Chris O

“I came to Safe Place broken, beaten, and clearly out of ideas of my own. Today, I celebrate five-plus continuous years of not needing to rely on alcohol to solve my problems”.

Chris, Former Safe Place Transition Resident

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“With the help of the direction from God and the staff here. I have been elevated to a life I would not trade for anything. Thank you for letting me come here and participate.”

Raleigh, Former Safe Place Foundation Resident

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Steve T

“I believe that if I continue to follow the suggestions I was given at Safe Place, I will continue to live a happy and successful life and that things will continue to get better. I am now in a position to be able to help others who share my past struggles, giving me a purpose that I always wanted but didn’t know I needed.”

Steve T., Former Safe Place Foundation Resident

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“When I moved into Safe Place at the end of 2015, I was what people in recovery would call an alcoholic of the hopeless variety. Alcohol had influence over every decision and action in my life.  The staff here and the people I have met in the recovery community have given me the tools to rebuild my life.”

Kyle, Former Safe Place Foundation Resident

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Steve O

“I have struggled with alcoholism and addiction since I was 14 years old. That’s an almost 40 year history of bad choices due largely to drinking and using drugs. I have been clean/sober for 2 years now and have no doubt that my stay at Safe Place was largely responsible for this miraculous change in my life.”

Steve O., Former Safe Place Foundation Resident

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Al T

“My son was living the hopeless and scary existence of an alcoholic. He had used up all his options with the family and had lost his mother to alcohol abuse. Thank God the Safe Place was available to show him the tools and support he needed.”

Al, Grateful Father of Former Safe Place Foundation Resident

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