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Meet the staff and board of the Safe Place Foundation in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Kyle Taylor
Kyle TaylorProgram Coordinator
Kyle Taylor is a former resident of Safe Place who, utilized the tools he acquired there to successfully transition to independent living and become an influential member of the recovery community upon completion of the program. Kyle has held the position of program coordinator at Safe Place since April of 2018. In that time, he has made tremendous strides in installing sustainable programming, developing a relationship with drug court, local parole officers, and correctional facilities, establishing a culture of peer support, and encouraging an atmosphere of accountability. Kyle continues to be an example by holding himself to the same standard of accountability and participation in recovery as he does Safe Place residents.
Ross Hauser
Ross HauserExecutive Director
Ross Hauser served on the Safe Place Board of Directors in 2015-2016 and filled the vacancy as Executive Director beginning November 29, 2016.

“Many studies show the major reason for homelessness among adult males are issues with substance abuse. If we can get a man on track in recovery, not only can we stem the drain of services for the homeless, but the recovered man can also become a major force for good works within his family and his community. I’m fond of saying if I give a man a handout, he’ll just come back next week looking for the same handout. If I give him a hand up, he can turn around and help the man coming along behind him.”

“The Safe Place Foundation has been actively helping people in the Cedar Rapids area for over 30 years. I’m grateful for the work of those who came before me, and for the generosity of those who live in our community. Since there are new people entering recovery every day, there seems to be no shortage of persons who can benefit from a drug and alcohol-free living environment as they begin their recovery. It’s an honor to be in a position to be of service to them.”

Board of Directors
Board of Directors
The Safe Place Foundation is proud to have a board of directors that include:
• Miranda Peyton, President
• Mike Barnhart, Vice President
• Kyle Taylor, Fundraising Chair
• Matt Nagle, Secretary
• Saige Turner, Board Member
• Steve Obadal, Board Member
• Collin Olander, Board Member
• Believer Bill, Board Member
• Andrew Stewart, Webmaster

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